Next Gen Thermal Insulation Products For Any Structure

We merge imagination and technology to keep thousands of homes and businesses well isolated during all seasons.

Energy efficiency and sustainability innovation

Our next gen insulation technology reveals a new approach for production and installation of thermal insulation in roofs, walls, cavities, floors, exterior and interior application in buildings construction.

The most reliable Thermo-Polymer Foam panels

Our thermal insulation composite panel based on a rigid polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam covered with fiber glass fabric or a thin layer of polymer, based on the environment in which they will be used.

We have worked and contributed to the sturdy design in a lot of constructs

Our staff are dedicated experts from academia and consultancy, so contact us to secure your structure.

Who we really are &
why choose us

Being on the market for the past decade has allowed us to build our Extruded foam (XPS) insulation products as close to our customers' requirements as possible with an agile development in mind.
You can see for yourself by what our products deliver.

High, long-term, better R-values (R-5 per inch) than EPS insulation.

A zero-ozone depletion formula.

Tight, energy-efficient seals and closed cell construction for water resistance.

100% of the electricity used to make ThermXPS™ products comes from renewable energy sources.

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How to isolate your building
with our thermal XPS


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Our Revolutionary
Polyurethane Foam Design

Our next gen insulation technology reveals a new approach for production and installation of thermal insulation in roofs, walls, cavities, floors, exterior and interior application in buildings construction.

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isolation products

Here are some selected thermal panels from our innovations factory, all highly durable and versatile extruded foam insulations. Buy and enjoy the very best quality.

XPS Product 1


XPS Product 2


XPS Product 3


XPS Product 4


XPS Product 5


XPS Product 6


Some of the finished developments
that are protected with our isolation products.

Residential Building


Industrial Building


Office Building


Agricultural Building


Office Building


Recreational Building


Industrial Building


Residential Building


Some commonly asked questions about
our XPS Foam products and engineering

What are our inventions made from and why should you choose them to secure your structure?

All of our products are made of a sturdy secure material called extruded polystyrene or XPS, which is a common base material found in insulation, polystyrene is a versatile polymer used in making a range of plastic materials. Polystyrene is very moisture resistant in nature, and regardless of its manufacturing process, its moisture resistance stays the same.

Where and on what kind of buildings can the products we offer be used?

Our thermal foam merchandise can be used on almost any surface and almost any weather. For specific applications, extruded polystyrene panels are available scored so they can be snapped at 16” intervals instead of cut. They are also available with drainage channels along the long edges for use in rooftop landscaping applications and depending on your needs we can produce panels that are company specific and are used for unique applications.

What is the difference between XPS and EPS, and why is extruded polystyrene better?

We can talk a lot about this, but the easiest way is to turn to science, which proves that XPS foam is more moisture-resistant than EPS and that XPS foam holds R-value better than EPS foam at lower mean temperatures when water is present.

What is the exact proccess of manufucturing our commodities and is it harmful for the environment?

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation is developed through a process of melting plastic resin together with other elements. The resulting liquid is then extruded through a dye which expands during cooling, creating a closed cell, rigid insulation product. With every single on of our products falling in the category of “green” insulation options, meaning we're entirely eco friendly!

Why is XPS isolation the best option in Upper Midwestern Construction?

Extruded foam is a reliable insulation solution for commercial and residential building projects in the Midwest, and offers better R-values than EPS insulation, closed cell construction for water resistance, tight, energy-efficient seals, high durability and versatility.

For how long will ThermXPS's products hold their high durability and performance throughout the years after construction is done vs EPS?

During manufacturing, EPS’s blowing agent leaves the beads rather quickly creating thousands of tiny cells full of air while XPS’s blowing agent stays embedded in the material for years, thus reducing the capability of air transfer through the material. For the same 1 inch thick sheet with the same density, XPS has a lower moisture absorption rating than EPS due to these differences.

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